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Welcome! We are Excited to Tell You More About RE/MAX Properties East!

RE/MAX Properties East is a special place, filled with incredible people, all working hard to provide an exceptional transaction experience for our Clients.

Our brokerage is a harmony of experienced agents, a dedicated staff, and a mission to deliver the best possible real estate service to the Greater Louisville Area. Our success speaks for itself and we are proud of our amazing team.

We want you to know that we are looking to align ourselves with the best in the business. To continue to deliver expert customer service and honor our commitment to our Clients, we want to partner with servant-hearted, hard-working, motivated individuals who share a lifetime commitment to gaining experience and knowledge. Our culture is one of Sharing and Caring and we want to have fun together!

The job of the brokerage is to provide you with a stable platform from which you can grow your business, serve your Clients, and achieve unprecedented professional and personal success. In fact, our brokerage is Dedicated to Your Success. We know that by focusing on you and your growth, you will be able to focus on your Clients and their needs.

We offer continuous, effective, and valuable agent training and development, a full-time, highly experienced support staff, a comfortable work environment, a fun culture, and so much more. Plus, for those agents interested, we have experience developing and managing successful real estate teams. There is a reason why we have been among the top brokerages in the region for decades.

Consider the following:

  • Our videographer will create property and agent spotlight videos, plus other video content, as a free service to you.
  • We are experts at internet lead generation, website SEO, and lead conversion - we can teach you specifically what to do for success.
  • We have brokerage split options that include no out-of-pocket expenses to you.
  • We have a building custom-built as a real estate office, efficiently set up and updated, along with private office space available.
  • We provide Agent websites through Sierra Interactive, a proven lead generation system, that give you extensive control over content and blogging.
  • We have extensive "nuts and bolts" training pre-recorded, and on-going live and via Zoom. We focus on how to develop and perform critical skills. This increases your value to clients, and helps you successfully guide more transactions to the closing table. Success in real estate is directly tied to acquiring new and effective skills.

We think the best first step is to have a casual, confidential conversation. We need to know your needs and expectations and you need to hear exactly who we are and what we offer. It's critical to us that we show you the true value of our brokerage so you can make smart, objective decisions about which career path is best for you. We are able to offer a tremendous amount of value to you at a surprisingly low cost. This comes from years of experience and wise budgeting and planning to make sure we are financially sound and as efficient as possible.

We are fully aware of criticism from other brokerage models that we charge a lot of hidden fees or are expensive. Scroll down to find our most recent annual commissions earned, and associated expenses, for our agents. These are real numbers, actually earned and paid by agents at our brokerage. When you meet with us, we will show you our payment plans and show you exactly the costs associated with being on our team. Regardless of what you have been told, the truth is revealing and it helps explain exactly why our office is full of phenomenal, wildly successful agents.

We look forward to hearing from you! All conversations are confidential, we understand the sensitivities of the business, and we know it is a mutual decision to want to work together. You can directly call or email:

Joe Hayden - Principal Broker
[email protected]

Kathy McGann-Pfeffer - Managing Broker
[email protected]

Kati Dietz - Executive Director
[email protected]

Why Re/Max Properties East