Selling Your Home Successfully

1. Make it Look Good.

The latest trend in Home selling is "Staging". Staging is where you put the BEST possible face on your home so that it makes an awesome first impression. Fortunately, there are companies that actually do this for you. Whether you "stage" it yourself, or use an outside firm, it is important to get the maximum effect for the least expense.

Very often sellers do not get a high enough return on their investment when tackling staging projects. This is because they either spent more on the project then they should have thinking it was a major point, or did not go far enough in fixing the problem and it looks half done. A professional opinion about state of your home can save you time and money when it comes to deciding what areas need to be fixed up to make the best first impression.

2. Price it Right.

Pricing your home is one of the most important parts of the sales process. Price it too high and your home may languish on the market. Priced too low, your home may sell quickly, but net you less money than you should have received. But how do you determine the best price for your home? RE/MAX would be happy to help by sending you a complimentary Market Analysis of your home's value in today's market.

3. Market It Well.

How your home is marketed can mean the difference between selling quickly for the full asking price or spending many months trying to sell your home until you have to lower the price just to get rid of it. We have all seen the yard signs advertising that there is a home for sale this way. Those are effective for marketing to people who live and work in your neighborhood; but what about people from other areas of the city? Then there is newspaper advertising. Which gets the word out to homebuyers in your city; but what about people who are looking to move here? The best way to reach everyone is to work with a nationally recognized name.

In today's global market it is important to keep up with how the world is doing things. The Internet is becoming one of the fastest ways for homebuyers to locate properties they would like to purchase. That means that a smart home seller would want to make sure they have a strong presence there. A good way to find out who can help you is to think like a buyer and go online looking for web sites centered on selling homes. Search engines such as Google and MSN rate sites based on their popularity. By associating yourself with a top ranking site you will be able to generate maximum exposure for your home.

4. Manage the Transaction Correctly.

Once someone offers to purchase your home, you begin the process of negotiations, inspections, loan applications for the buyer, title work, and all of the other "things" that can throw your plans off track. It is important to remember that once you enter this stage of selling your home you have to very careful about what you say or do. The law requires sellers to disclose certain things about their house but not others. The best way to avoid the pit falls is to work with someone who is aware of them and can guide you through the transaction smoothly.

5. Know when and who to ask for help.

Selling a home is not easy under any circumstances. It helps to have knowledge and experience on your side. That's where our RE/MAX agents can help. On average they have over 13 years of experience, which helped them sell an average of almost 28 homes last year!

Our agents can help walk you through all the stages of selling your home. They have the experience to determine where staging dollars would be best spent. Because they work with selling homes every day, they can accurately determine the Market Value of your home. Our agents' association an international company furthers their marketing ability as does the association with this web site which is one of the most popular home site is Louisville. Finally, they have the expertise to help walk you through the legal transactions of selling your home with as little confusion as possible. We would be happy to introduce you to one of our agents so they can help you sell you home!

Would you like to know what your home is worth in today's market? We would be glad to send you a market analysis. Please fill out the form below (at no cost or obligation) and we will send you one.

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