Let RE/MAX show you how to market your house.

Marketing just doesn’t work for business. By utilizing strong marketing techniques a seller can bring in higher prices or it could mean the difference between a property being on the market for a while or being sold immediately.

While good marketing may not be the only factor in selling your home, it is the one that will help to make potential buyers contact you for more information.

These days most potential buyers are beginning their searches online. A key point to remember is that buyers are visual. Listings without a photograph or with only a single exterior shot are not viewed as often as a listing that provides detailed information.

Buyers want to see what is available to them, before making an appointment to view the property further.

Here are some tips when takings photos of your home’s exterior:

  • Remove vehicles from driveway/front of home
  • Shoot up-close photographs
  • Clear away any vegetation blocking front door or path to the door
  • Avoid shade on the house
  • Crop out sidewalks and streets
  • Emphasize space
  • Make sure the landscaping has been done (lawn mowed, bushes trimmed)
  • Put away children’s toys and evidence of pets

The Interior of Your Home

Buyers also want to see the interior of your home. Make sure to take photographs of every room; even those you think may not photograph well. Rooms should be clean, uncluttered, displaying as much space as possible.

When taking photographs of your home’s interior, always remember:

  • Open curtains and blinds to allow as much natural light in as possible
  • Turn on lights
  • Remove trash cans and close toilet lids
  • Enhance the visual appeal of a room by using floral arrangements
  • Focus on interesting details like the fireplace mantle or wood floors
  • Avoid shooting into mirrors
  • Capture as much of the room as possible

Another tool that sellers can use to their advantage is the virtual tour. Virtual tours have become increasingly popular, and every home should have one no matter the size. Buyers love being able to take a virtual tour of a home before making an appointment to see it firsthand.

A good virtual tour will take the buyer throughout the home, from room-to-room, providing them with a 360-degree view of the house.

Additional Advertising

Signage is free advertising. It helps to raise awareness and encourage potential buyers to contact your agent. Agent signs should include their phone number, including the agent’s mobile or voice mail number.

If you have a corner lot, make sure to put up two signs. If your home is not located on a busy street, talk to your neighbors and ask for permission to put a sign in their yard with an arrow pointing to yours. This will help bring attention to your property.

Print Advertising

If you want to reach buyers who are looking in newspapers, print advertising is the way to do it. Local newspapers often run ads that target those looking in your area. Larger newspapers may only list their classifieds on a particular day, such as Sunday.

You will find that many websites offer online listings. Many of them are free, so it is beneficial to take advantage of as many as you can.
Advertising with Direct Mail
Your Real estate agent may participate in a direct mail program, so be sure to ask them about it. The benefit of direct mail is that it is inexpensive and it may catch the eye of a prospective home buyer.

Have an Open House

Buyers often enjoy taking advantage of any opportunity to view a home, and open houses are a great way to capitalize on their interest. Your Real estate agent can help you with planning your open house and offer advice on how to make it as successful as possible.

Make sure to place open house signs throughout your area, directing buyers to your home. Also make sure to advertise your open house online and in a newspaper. Sellers often find it additionally beneficial to invite neighbors as well.