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Kid-Friendly Spring Cleaning Ideas

Spring is only TEN days away!! AND it's finally starting to feel like spring outside! I don't know about you, but I was so ready for warm, sunny days!

A few weeks ago we published a post about spring cleaning, with lots of tips and lists. I know I told you I was going to attack spring cleaning head on.....come out with my guns blazing.....well that hasn't happened just yet but I am warming up to the idea! I just found a post on Home Depot's website about getting kids involved in spring cleaning. What a great idea!! Here are a few kid-friendly spring cleaning tasks....


You know that sock that is missing it's mate because the dryer ate it? Have your child stick it on their on hand and dust all the surfaces that they can reach, like dressers and coffee tables. Make sure they take everything off of them first!

On a side note, if you manage to only have ONE sock that is missing it's mate because the dryer ate it, tell me your secret!! I some how manage to have at least one sock-mate casualty EVERYTIME I do the laundry! 

Clean out the Fridge

This task is great for two reasons: 1. This can help hone a child's reading skills, as well as help them with dates. Have them look at all of the expiration dates and throw out anything that is expired. 2. If you are like me, some leftovers just get lost in the fridge and 3 weeks later you are stuck trying to decide if you want to take the risk of opening the container or just throw it away all together. But when you have someone else cleaning...you get my drift? 

Wash the Windows 

This one is pretty self explanatory. You can have them use a cleaner like Windex or for an all natural, chemical free cleaner you can mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

Clean Under the Bed

When I was little and my mother...

If I Start Spring Cleaning, Will Spring PLEASE Come NOW?!

Ok, is anyone else through with this weather?! I can appreciate lots of snow with the best of them, but this is just ridiculous. Poor school kids are going to have a three day summer vacation by the time they make up all of the snow days they've had. Not to mention the FREEZING cold temperatures!! We are in Kentucky, not North Dakota, I think Mother Nature needs to brush up on her geography a little bit. 

This morning as I was dreading getting out of my cozy bed, I started thinking about spring. It's only 38 days away! That seems so close...yet so far! One of my favorite days of the year is that first warm, sunny day when you can drive with your window down. Wind in your hair, sun on your face, arm out the window, singing your favorite song that you may or may not be playing just a little too loudly. Ah, does life get any better? Another exciting thing about springtime (some may not agree with this one..) is spring cleaning! Ok, ok, I know it's not the most exciting thing to do,  BUT just like working out, when it's all over it was so worth it! Who doesn't love a clean house? I'll be the first one to admit that over the years I have majorly slacked off in the spring cleaning department, but this year I have my game face on! I am going to scrub, and dust, and organize my house until every little nook and cranny is pristine! Who's with me?! 

Obviously since this is indeed my first rodeo, I need a little guidence. I am going to post a great room to room checklist I found on imperfecthomemaking.com, but first I want to share with you her extra tips that were really helpful! 

  • Set aside at least a week for a thorough spring cleaning. Work from one end of your house to the other.
  • Plan some easy meals for the days you will spend cleaning.  Consider using your slow cooker.  A crockpot full of stew at the end of a day of intense cleaning is a beautiful...

Winterizing Your Home

Baby, it's COLD outside! There are so many things we hate about cold weather, one of them being the toll it takes on your home and your electric bill! While it is best to go through the winterization process in the fall, before it gets cold, there are still a few things you can do to prevent any major issues or high utility bills.

  • Make sure to disconnect your garden hose from the faucet (turning off your main water supply and then turing on your outside faucet to let all remaining water out is an extra step you can take to protect your pipes).
  • During times of really cold weather, make sure to leave the water running on any faucet that is on an non-interior or outside wall. A drip should be fine. It is also a good idea to open up the cabinets under the faucet, this allows a little extra heat into the area with the pipes.
  • If you have large or drafty windows you can get thermal drapes or cover them with plastic.
  • Reverse your ceiling fan to circulate warm air.

For a more in depth list of things you can do to winterize your home please click on the link below.