• From Broker/Owner Harrell Tague

From Broker/Owner Harrell Tague

Dear Client...An open letter to buyers and sellers

Dear Client,

Thank you for choosing RE/MAX Properties East. It is our hope that we exceed your expectations in providing caring, timely, knowledgeable professionalism throughout your real estate transaction.


In the world of real estate today you may, and probably will, experience some problems.  Some of these problems you will expect and know ahead of time, others will be unexpected. Some of these may seem major to you, but are, in fact, typical and will be easily and routinely handled by our agents. Others will be major and/or unanticipated because of the massive change in the real estate environment over the last few years.

Like those of today, most transactions in the past had their share of problems. Many of the previous problems were similar in nature and we merely applied the best solutions we had developed over time with adjustments for the specific situation. Now we are seeing challenges which we have never seen before, and cannot be anticipated. They continue to be created by changes in rules, regulations, and guidelines. These things can happen after you have entered into a contract or even a few days before closing.

This is particularly true as it applies to financing. For decades the main situation which angered clients and agents alike was: After being told the lender had everything they needed and things should proceed smoothly until closing, at the last minute the lender asks for two more things before they will make the loan. In most cases this was the result of the borrower omitting or forgetting about a past loan or obligation. For example: a student loan or something they co-signed for a friend or family member.

Over the past few years the situation has become much more complicated. Lenders and each of their loans are being scrutinized closer than ever before.This coupled with constant changes in guidelines and what is required by governmental...