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The Realistic 'Wish List'

wish list

When you Google "tips for home buyers," you get a plethora of real estate advice. 99% of this advice is great and you should follow it. Set a budget, get pre-approved, find a great real estate agent, understand the true costs of ownership, etc. One of the the tips that I didn't see on a lot of these sites was the realistic 'wish list' tip. 

When buying a home you should come up with a 'wish list' of what you would like your home have, and the location you would like it to be in. Now, when you come up with this list you have to keep your budget in mind. We would all love an infinity pool and full gym but if your budget is $200,000 you're dreaming a little too big! 

Once you have comprised your list, you need to look it over and decide what your deal breakers are. These are the things that you have to have. If you have kids and a dog, a large fenced in back yard might be one of those deal breakers. If you love to cook, an updated kitchen might be the deal breaker. Once you identify your must-haves, take a look at the rest of your list. Would you be willing to compromise on the other things on that list if a house in your price range had your must haves? Unless you are building a house, or just stumble upon real estate nirvana, you are probably not going to get absolutely everything you want. There are things that you must be willing to compromise on. 

It's good to have this list ahead of time so that your real estate can know which direction to take you in. 

Comment below and let us know what's on your Wish List!! 


Tips For Moving With Children

We are days away from spring, and the busiest season in real estate. While buying and/or selling a home can be exciting, the move can often be stressful. Especially if you have school aged children and your move falls during the school year. Here are a few tips to help make your move more successful and less stressful. 

Before the Move 

Discuss it with your kids. 

The best way to prepare them is to talk about it. Give them as many details as you can and answer their questions truthfully. A move is a big change and can be scary to a child. Try to be sensitive to them and their feelings, especially if they have a negative reaction.

-Allow them to be part of the process.

When you are house hunting ask for their input. Ask what they think about the house, what they like best about it, what room they think might be theirs, etc.. If your child is moving to a different school, let them be part of the search. Once you decide on a house, let them map out their new room. 

During the Move

-Give them a job.

Make them feel like they are a part of the moving process by giving them a job to do. Let them label the boxes or draw pictures on them of what room they go in, watch a younger sibling or family pet, or even pick out paint colors for their new room. By invloving them in moving day activites they won't feel left out, and they will allow you to do everything you need to do. 

-Make them feel special. 

Moving day is busy and stressful and often...

Things That Can Go Wrong in a Real Estate Transaction

It is the wise client that prepares for problems before they happen! For this reason, we would like to share with you some of the things that can go wrong during a real estate transaction. Since no transaction is closed until it is closed, the folowing are potential road blocks. We have also given you a delay of closing estimate next to each problem. The ones with asterisks (*) are potential deal killers. Here we go!

Things that go wrong with the . . . 

LENDER . . .  Approx.  Delay 

1.Lender does not properly pre-qualify borrower ....  2 weeks to*
2.Lender decides last minute they don’t like borrower ....  2 weeks to*
3.Lender decides last minute they don’t like the property ....  2 weeks to*
4.Lender wants property repaired or cleaned prior to closing ....  1 - 3 weeks
5.Lender raises rates, points or costs ....  2 weeks to*
6.Borrower does not qualify because of a late addition of info ....  2 weeks to*
7.Lender requires, last minute, a reappraisal ....  2 weeks
8.The borrower does not like the fine print in the loan
documents they receive 3 days before closing ....  3 days to*
9.Lender loses file ....  1 - 3 weeks
10.Lender does not simultaneously ask for info from buyer,
they ask for info in bits and pieces ....  1 - 4 weeks


1.Won’t return phone calls ....  1 - 3 weeks
2.Transfers to another office ....  1 week
3.Did not pre-qualify the client for motivation ....  2 weeks to*
4.Goes on vacation, leaves no one to handle file ....  1 - 4 weeks
5.Does not understand or lacks experience in Real Estate ....  1...