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Mona Nunn
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I was born in Columbus, GA. As my father grew his business, I spent my early years of life moving to several small Georgia towns. Looking back on it, leaving your friends behind and moving itself was a challenge, but I always looked forward to my new room in our new house and being able to make it my own. We finally left Georgia and made the move to Cleveland OH. What a shock! I had never seen snow and my southern accent really made me stand out. Luckily, we found a great house with a willow tree to climb, in an amazing neighborhood where I could walk to school. I had THE coolest room with black and white shag carpet, I am sure it was then envy of my 10 yr old friends!! Next up was Louisville where my family stayed put (although, not in the same house) long enough for my brother and I to graduate high school and begins our adult lives. 

I have always enjoyed the art of transforming an object into its best form. That love for art lead me into the beauty industry. As I made my way in my new career, I deeply appreciated the role of great customer service. After establishing a customer base, I decided to open my own salon in St Matthews. I was young and full of energy and beyond excited to be able to provide the customer experience that I believed was essential. The space desperately needed to be renovated and so the work began to make it my own. Chris, the handsome, young and eager electrician who showed to help, stole my heart. Chris and I have been married for 24 years and we have one son Luke :)  

Chris and I are the primary partners in Metro Security, LLC and he is the sole owner of Chris Nunn Electric, Inc. We have devoted the last 20+ years in an effort to meet the needs of the homeowner to assist in providing the homes they dream of and the safety they deserve. Additionally, several years ago we started buying and renovating properties with the goal of providing a beautiful, ready to move into, warm and welcoming homes for other families to enjoy. Through that process I found that I love searching for the perfect house. Chris and I search every morning. It has become such a part of our lives that even our son calls when he sees a property that’s in desperate need of rehab! I love breathing life back into a home that’s been neglected. It’s so satisfying to make the ugliest house in the neighborhood beautiful again! There is no better feeling than taking a step back after we’ve finished a house and admiring how it’s come to life again.   

Ironically, Chris and I have lived in our highlands home for 23 years. A realtor friend found it for us, opening our eyes to a part of town we knew nothing about. We ending up loving the area! Among the many things I enjoy doing in my free time, my favorite is the time I spend in my small garden yard, chatting with friends and family while we swing on our patio swings. I love my garden and spend each morning caring for it before the day begins. My husband, my son Luke, and I have “solved the world’s problems” over the years on those swings surrounded by our lush little garden. I enjoy creating these same types of environments for the families who purchase the homes we renovate and sell. I believe, we all deserve a soft place to land at the end of the day.  

Personal beliefs and traits:

  • Having a safe space to make your own where you can build memories for a lifetime is what I believe makes owning a home special
  • I want to help people find the home that feels perfect for them and their family
  • 3 words: positive, good listener, trustworthy
  • Clients can trust that I will listen to their needs and seek the information they require to make the best decision for their particular circumstance.