Crissie Huntley
Associate Broker
Crissie Huntley
Fax: (502) 992-5208
Email: Email Me
License: 261674

I am an Associate Broker at RE/MAX Properties East

Professional Experience:

Broker License in 2019, Sales Associate License in 2014

Member of Professional Standards Committee

Member of the Young Professionals Network Committee at Greater Louisville Association of Realtors.

Certified VA Realtor

Member of National Association of Real Estate Brokers

Personal Bio:

Born and raised in Louisville, KY. I have a daughter Alexandria and two dog sons Franklin and Sloppy Joe. I love networking, spending time with family and friends and comedy shows.

I’ve been told by a lot of my lifelong friends that I am one of the only if not the only person they know that actually grew up to be what they had always wanted to as a kid. I was 7 years old when my mom started the process of buying a home. The real estate agent would pick us up in her mini van and drive us around on my Mother’s off day to take a look at homes on the market. I thought it was so cool to get paid to look at houses all day. I immediately scratched off teacher for my career and decided that is what I wanted to do when I grew up. Two weeks after I turned 18 I co-signed on a home for my mother and told her it would be the first house I sold once I got into real estate. In 2006 the market pretty much crashed and selling houses looked like the least promising career to be in. I dropped out of college because I had no idea what else I wanted to do. I did a mortgage loan originator internship and took the test and missed it by one question. I took the test over about three more times and did worse each time. That wasn’t even what I really wanted to do but I wanted to make my way into real estate somehow. I started my research on getting licensed and decided to go ahead and go to school. I took a crash course of two weeks and passed my state test and I was officially a realtor!

I interviewed a few brokerages and finally found the one that best fit my needs as to what I was looking for to help my career. The first two years in the business was not the easiest. I second guessed my decision. I got intimidated by how many other agents were working, them being in the business longer and having a bigger book of business, the other agents being more knowledgeable than myself, more experienced, etc. it doesn’t help that I am naturally a shy person that takes daily work to come out of even to this day. I had a passion for this business. I knew the only person that was going to help me be successful was myself. I started researching and educating myself on anything related to my business so that I could be resourceful to others in the matter that they decide to work with me in the future. I had a lot of freedom with this business as far as time and schedules go so I had to treat it like a job. I set times, goals and deadlines for myself to complete. I have found accountability partners for my professional and personal goals. I find that starting my day doing the thing I dread the most which is making my calls, helps push the day forward and I am able to become more productive in other ways to grow and better my business.

I am truly passionate about what I do. I can’t name one time I counted a check before helping a client. I care about what their needs are and what is important to them in a home. I won’t let my clients settle. I have to feel it when we walk through the door, I have to see the excitement on your face, I have to see you happily placing your furniture in your head, etc. When I feel as though my client is settling I tell them to take a step back and let’s go home and regroup, extend our search area, add or take something off that we can live without to see if anything else pops up that could help things out. I don’t want my clients to hate their house because then they will hate me. When my mother and I bought our house just before the market crash, the agent told us she was only showing us 4 houses and we had to pick between those 4 because she was not going to show us anymore. I told myself when getting into the business I will never force my clients or limit them to only a small amount of homes to choose from. If it takes three homes to know you found the one that’s great. If it takes 50 homes over the course of a year that’s fine as well but we will not stop until you find what you feel is right and meant for you.

I love helping people. I love putting a smile on their faces, hugs from being thankful, and tears from being proud that they are finally homeowners. It is the best feeling in the world when you sell a home and the client is thanking you for all you did to help them become homeowners. I don’t think any other career besides a doctor would give me the same joy and satisfaction as I get from working with my clients. I plan to retire from this business. I have only been in it for five years but I have done many deals and no two deals are alike. I hope to someday down the road obtain investment properties. I love what I do. I love working for families and helping them find their new home to make memories in. It can get stressful, it can get frustrating. It’s not always rainbows and gumdrops as in any business. You run into problems and things that fall apart but I never let it discourage me. No does not mean no to me it simply means not now. I just continue to follow up to make sure I am there when they are ready and need me. If I don’t have the answer I will get it. I am trying to do my part in this world one family at a time.