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Craig Barker
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Craig Barker embarked on his remarkable real estate journey in 1989 when he joined NTS Properties as a homesite sales specialist. From the outset, his passion for the industry and dedication to exceeding client expectations set the stage for a career marked by unparalleled success.

In 1992, Barker made a significant move to Paul Semonin Realtors, where his talent quickly propelled him to the Top 25 list among 700 agents in his very first year. This early recognition was a testament to his innate ability to navigate the complexities of the real estate market and deliver outstanding results for his clients.

Building on this success, Barker joined RE/MAX in 1996, where he continued to make a lasting impact on the industry. Over the years, his expertise expanded across various facets of real estate, including residential, commercial, investment, leasing, estate sales, and land transactions. Barker's comprehensive understanding of the diverse needs within the real estate market positioned him as a go-to professional for clients seeking top-tier service.

Throughout his illustrious career at RE/MAX, Craig Barker consistently demonstrated a commitment to going above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. His goal has always been to not just meet but exceed his clients' goals, a principle that has earned him a reputation for reliability, integrity, and exceptional service.

Beyond the world of real estate, Craig Barker's personal interests and values shine through. A true lover of dogs and pets, he finds joy in the simple pleasures of life, whether it's a round of golf, basking in the sunshine, or maintaining an active lifestyle through regular exercise. His affable nature extends to his appreciation for people, making him a trusted and approachable figure in both his professional and personal spheres.

As a sports enthusiast, Barker has a special place in his heart for Louisville Cardinals sports, particularly college basketball and football. He also follows PGA golf, tennis, and various other athletic pursuits. This diverse range of interests reflects his well-rounded personality and passion for both professional excellence and a balanced life.

In 2023, Craig Barker stands proudly as a Hall of Fame member at RE/MAX Properties East, a testament to the enduring legacy he has built over more than three decades in the real estate industry. With a sincere commitment to his clients, a love for life's simple pleasures, and a wealth of experience, Craig Barker remains a trusted name in real estate, leaving an indelible mark on the communities he serves.

RE/MAX Properties East Hall of Fame Member (2023)


Before working with Craig Barker, we doubted whether involving a real estate associate was necessary. Craig proved us wrong! From before the first house showing to over a month since we closed on our previous home and our new home, Craig has not only responded within minutes whenever we contact him, but also offers great advice and invaluable information. He walked us through a complicated real estate deal from both the buying and selling ends and has continued to act as a go-between whenever we need information from the previous owners of our new home. He has taken the time to pick up items from our new home and deliver them to our buyers. He has also provided professional referrals for any service we need including banking, painting, electric, plumbing, and landscaping. He went above and beyond when he spent hours on the phone addressing a problem we had with ADT billing (after the real estate deals had closed). In addition to his unmatched expertise and work ethic, Craig is a joy to work with and inserts humor when it is very much needed. If we could give Craig more than 5 stars we would. We give Craig the highest recommendation!
Rich and Shannon Prior
I’m so glad we have you helping us with this because you have been above and beyond. It is exhausting to move, especially after 40 years. We can’t wait to get into the new house.
Amelia T